Membership is open to all spouses of those affiliated with the DoD personnel in the San Antonio Area

How to Join

The annual membership dues are $25.00. Membership entitles you to monthly online newsletter, online membership directory, and participation in all club activities and functions.

Please follow the steps below to become a member:

1. Fill out the form below and click Submit 2. Pay your $25 Membership Dues through the PayPal link on the following page 3. Connect to our Social Media pages using the links provided after payment


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Membership Form

  • Occasionally, pictures are taken at events that will be posted on our private web pages or in our brochures and our newsletter. Membership implies permission to use such photos. Membership is liable under the laws of Private Organizations for organizational debt or liabilities in the event the organization’s assets are insufficient to discharge liabilities.
  • Parents acknowledge that they are fully responsible for their Child at any activity sponsored by Wilford Hall Auxiliary & Playgroup. Parents agree that they or an adult chosen by them as an attending caregiver for their child will supervise their child at all times during all Wilford Hall Auxiliary & Playgroup activities. Parents and/or Guardians expressly waive any claim of liability against Wilford Hall Auxiliary & Playgroup, and other Parents, Guardians or attending caregivers for any claims arising out of or connected with any Wilford Hall Auxiliary & Playgroup activities.
  • Please press submit to agree to these terms.


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